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Beauty Treatments

We offer only the best products in our friendly and professional treatments to ensure great results. Whether you visit us on a regular basis or to prepare for holidays and special occasions, your treatments will always be of high quality. We listen to what you want and how you would like to feel so the results you desire are achieved.

We use warm and hot wax depending on area and skin type. 

20% discounted at checkout for under 18’s

Brow Shape £10 Lip £6 Chin £7 Lip & Chin £11 Brow & Lip £13.50 Brow, Lip & Chin £19 Sides of face £7 Forehead £7 Nostrils £10 Half Leg £18 ¾ Leg £25 Back of top legs £12 Full Leg £30 Abdomen £8 Forearms £15 Underarm £12

Using advanced products and techniques for your comfort.

Brows £12 Nostrils £12 Ears £8 Chest £40 Back £30 Back & Shoulders £35 Back, Shoulders, tops of arms £40

Patch test required 24 hours prior to your first treatment with us. Tinting lasts 4-6 weeks.

Lash Tint £16 Brow Tint £10 Brow Tint & Shape £18 Lash & Brow Tint £22 Lash & Brow Tint with Shape £30 Lash Lift and Tint 45mins £40 Your own natural lashes tinted and lifted to give the appearance of length and curl. Effects last 6-8 weeks. PS Loves … Lash Lift, Tint & Brow Shape & Tint 60mins £50

With experience and advanced technique, we use premium Perron Rigot wax for your comfort.

Basic £15 Removing visible hair from outside of the bikini knicker line to the crease of the legs. Extended £20 High leg knicker line, top of pubic area and any visible hair tapering into bottom cheek area. G-String £25 Removal of any pubic hair outside of the thong knicker area including in and out of buttocks. Behind £15 Inside and outside the bottom area only, the bits hard to get to and don’t want prickly! PS Loves …Brazilian/Hollywood £30 A thorough removal of hair from the entire pubic and bottom area, front, back, inside, and out. You can choose to have a strip of hair remaining on pubic area if you wish. Bare All £40 Removal of all hair from bikini area and any visible pubic hair on the abdomen, buttocks, upper thighs front and back.

Package deals for waxing treatments.

Half Leg & Extended Bikini £32 Half Leg, Basic Bikini & Underarm £40 Half Leg & Hollywood £40 Full Leg & Hollywood £50 Full Leg, Hollywood & Underarm £60

We offer a variety of lash extensions to create the look you desire. Perfect for special occasions or holidays. Patch test required before your first appointment with us.

Classic New Set 75mins £50 Individual lash extensions attached one by one to your own lashes to added volume and length. Ideal for a more natural, mascara look. Hybrid New Set 90mins £60 Classic extensions with added fans to the outer edge of your lashes for extra volume and texture. Ideal for those wanting a little more without going OTT. Volume New Set 90mins £70 Using fans of different lengths and volume to add softer, fluffier texture. Ideal for those wanting a full glam look or those who don’t have many natural lashes of their own. Removal £15 Safe removal of lash extensions and preserve your own natural lashes. Lash Extension Maintenance Lash infills are advised between 2-3 weeks to tidy and replenish your extensions and make sure your lashes remain healthy. Classic infill 45mins £30 60mins £35 Hybrid infill 45mins £35 60mins £40 Volume infill 60mins £40 75mins £50

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